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The area around the lower back tends to be a particularly sensitive spot with issues surfacing up from time to time. Lower back pain can stem from a plethora of causal factors; however, the most probable cause of the same can be poor posture and weak core that comes from sitting through the day. It is necessary that you figure out what could be causing this pain and address the issue as soon as possible. In many such cases, opting for some help from yoga can be great.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient Indian art-form that works on maintaining the core stability and flexibility of your body while you correct your posture and breathing techniques. It is often advised that with exercises involved in stretching, make sure you never stretch to a point where you can feel intense pain. Remember that pain is a way for our body to let you know that there could be something wrong with the process. If something hurts while you perform yoga or exercise, make sure you ease it out.

Poses that reduces in lower back pain

1-Child’s Pose:

Child Pose in yoga has been designed to take off the pressure from the lower back area by elongating & aligning your spine. This leads to decompression of the spinal cord and thereby providing a nice and relaxing stretch. You can pair yoga with OTC and prescription medications for better results. In order to perform this yoga pose, you need to follow the given steps:

  • Kneel over the mat with the knees kept hip-width distance. Keep your feet joined behind you. Now take one deep breath. As you exhale slowly, lay your complete torso over the thighs.
  • Try and lengthen your spine and neck by drawing away the ribs from the tailbone area. Also, try to extend the head’s crown away from the shoulders.
  • Rest the forehead on the ground and extend your arms out front.
  • Hold this position for a time period of 1 to 3 minutes.

2-Cat/Cow Pose:

This particular yoga pose allows a nice flexion & extension for the spine. It also promotes proper mobility of the spine while relieving tension in the lower back area. The Cat/Cow Pose helps you familiarize with the neutral spine design which isn’t too rounded or arched. To start with this pose, you need to:

  • Start by placing all your fours on the mat like a cat or cow. Place your shoulders over the wrists & hips placed over knees.
  • Slowly inhale and exhale while you round the spine & drop the head towards the floor which is basically translated to “Cat Posture”.
  • Now, inhale & lift the head, tailbone, and chest as you aim your tailbone towards the ceiling. This is the cow pose. Keep this position for a term of 1 to 3 minutes.

3-Downward Facing Dog:

Downward dog serves as the best possible way for someone with lower back pain to stretch out the hamstrings & calves. If you feel extra tight, try and bend the knees a bit to ease up the stretch and avoid any pain. Yoga with pain medications is the way to opt for holistic help. In order to accomplish this pose, you need to follow the following steps:

  • To accomplish this pose, you need to begin with the Child’s Pose. Now as you attain the Child’s pose, keep the hands over the floor and sit atop your knees. Consecutively, lift the butt & press back towards the wall to attain the pose.
  • Spread the fingers wide and work towards straightening the legs & lower the heels to the ground.
  • Relax the head amid your arms & opt for a direct gaze through the legs or the belly button.
  • Hold this pose for at least 1 to 3 minutes.

4-Standing Forward Bend:

This particular stretch helps with strengthening the legs and lengthening the spine. Both these options help relieve the pain in your lower back area. You can modify the pose according to your body type by slightly bending the knees. This pose is probably one of the simplest and best for back pain. In order to accomplish this pose, you need to:

  • Start with the downward facing dog and slowly step in the forward direction to the top side of the mat. Stand with the feet shoulder apart.
  • Straighten the legs as much possible and let the torso hang towards the downside.
  • Now tuck the chin onto your chest and relax the shoulders.
  • Extend your head’s crown towards the floor, in order to create an elongated spine.
  • Hold the pose for a minute or two.

5-Sphinx Pose:

The Sphinx Pose helps create a natural curve for your lower back. Additionally, it also tends to engage the abs that help to provide reliable support to your lower back. To complete this pose, you need to:

  • Lie down on the stomach with legs together & straight out the entire body.
  • Place the elbows under the shoulder and place the forearms on the floor while trying to lift up the chest from the floor.
  • Press the thighs and hips onto the floor and try lengthening the spine as you keep the shoulders relaxed.
  • Sit up enough to start feeling a stretch in the lower back but don’t hyperextend.
  • Hold the position for a minute to 3.


Bottom Line

With yoga, increase the flexibility and natural body conduct to restore things back to the way they were intended to be. Additionally, you can use OTC drugs for instant relief from low back pain. However, make sure you pair your medicinal practices with yoga to ensure better and faster recovery.



The information provided here must not be substituted with the advice provided by a licensed and qualified physician/doctor. The information furnished above is only meant for the informational purpose. This blog/article might not cover all the alerts or warnings issued by the FDA. Make sure you check in with your physician to get possible answers for the interactions of the medications or visit the official FDA website to check through the comprehensive list for FDA-issued warnings. Even though we attempt to provisioning the most accurate and updated information, Web Health does not guarantee the effectiveness of the same.

Top 5 Ways Yoga Can Help With Low Back Pain